About us
PNI VaaREgen is an end to end solution driven organization with prime interests in water, waste water and process water treatment. We deliver value by reducing capital and operating costs and extending equipment life expectancies. We have been focusing upon solutions and technologies which improve human life and provide sustainable solutions to our customers by aligning with like vision organizations and supporting them with our strong marketing and technical capabilities. Team at PNI comes from vast experience backgrounds having worked with the best of companies servicing the advanced technologies to the business. We continuously work with our customers to build long lasting relationships and providing them value by helping them in increasing their productivity and profitability. We believe in making gains and creating win-win situations for us and our customers together.
Director Speaks :
Our name and the thought process revolves around recycle, regeneration and reuse philosophy. Our core intention is to create and promote products, systems and technologies which help in reducing stress on most important and misused natural resource water. The technologies and systems which we bring stem from above thought process which is at the centre of our business planning.