Water & Waste Water Engineering
Industrial Water
PNI engages in manufacturing , installing and servicing systems which are used either in utility , drinking , pressure boosting and waste water handling applications
  • Effluent Treatment Systems
  • Raw Water Treatment Systems
    • Sand, Carbon, Multimedia Filters
    • Membrane Systems
    • Resin Based Systems
Commercial & Residential Water
Whether it is a utility water requirement , sewage water or drinking water systems , we have solutions to match your needs. PNI manufactures customer specific systems to meet and exceed customer expectations
  • Utility Water
    • Filtration systems, pressure boosting systems
    • Drinking Water Systems
    • Sewage Treatment systems
  • Drinking
    • Systems manufactured using Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Filtration Membranes¬† for commercial and residential water needs.
Sewage Water
Systems manufactured using technologies using SAFF, FBBR, SBR or Membrane Bio Reactor , we have expertise and credentials to meet your needs. With our alliance companies we have exposure to work with some of the well known clientele like Nokia, Motorala, Infosys and alike. With opportunity given to us , you should be rest assured that your project is in the right hands vis. a vis. water treatment or sewage treatment is concerned.